Beli pompa & media filter dilayani dgn sgt baik. Mas Surya sabar bgt dlm menjelaskan teknik bikin filter chamber. Koi Palace is numero uno

Andreas Vincent
Orderan pompa dan perlengkapan kolam sdh sampai. Respon cepet dan sabar bgt si om Surya. Mantap.

alam ali
Pertama kali beli dan dapat pelayanan yang istimewa pesan jum'at siang 11-04-2014 sampai surabaya senin pagi 14-04-2014

Easy and quick transaction. Mantab layanannya... Sukses....

central /wendy
mantaaap bener pelayanan kiriman super kilat melebihi tiki....^_^.. order siang sorenya suda terkirim ke expedisi.. makacii om surya, ,,,

sulaiman arif
saluut ama koipalace!!!! pelayanannya "numero uno"... buat om Surya makasi banget buat wktunya share2 pengetahuan tentang kolam dan sistem filternya. responnya cepet banget.orangnya juga sabar bange... detail

Another perfect delivery, superb fish, excellent service...

Very very Recommended Seller ... Thank You om Lim, Servicenya mengesankan.... Definitely will order from you again n again..

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product arrow REFRESH POWDER, Made in Japan

Price Rp 1.320.000 Beli

REFRESH "The Magic White Soil" is clay mineral from the Yasawagi district in Akita prefecture, Japan. Those who live in the district used to take this clay as a secret medicine for diarrhea, injury, toothache etc. They call the clay "marvelous soil" or "magic white soil." REFRESH is a wonderful gift from the earth, which can not be produced artificially.

When you put REFRESH into water, the water does not go bad for a long time.

Composed of Montmorillonite in it's core and 16 necessary minerals such as; silica acid, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and ferrous.

These effective minerals keep water clean and help to supply nutrition dissolving slowly into the water through ion exchanges for excessive materials and bad materials for Koi. These natural workings are necessary elements to keep Koi healthy and improve their color.

Dosage: 200grams (one 180cc cup) per 10 tons of water. Double the dosage during the first two weeks of use.

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